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Herding Spaces

Jo Wang has composed and released electronic music since the late 1980s. His music is often described as visual and in the border between noise/melodic and abstract/figurative.
He has extensive experience of adjusting the acoustics in concert halls across Europe using an electronic variable electroacoustic enhancement system.

In his HERDING SPACES project, he combines this technique/technology with his electronic music within improvisation. No room has the same properties. With Pythagoras as a «co-player», the room's physical size and design sets the premises for the tonal registry. During the process the actual space is mirrored with a virtual space. Together they form a relationship, a duet, subject to the room’s physical properties, which forms the framework for the tonal palette.

The audience's presence in the room will also play it’s part in affecting the sound expression.
In this intimate psychoacoustic interaction, the ’live’ concept is expanded into something more than a one way communication from stage to audience. HERDING SPACES is completely linked to the actual live performance happening in just that moment.

A recording under this dogma will only reproduce a one dimensional, bleak version of the performance, missing all the psychoactive processes between the performer and the listener who co-exist in the same acoustical environment and therefore also affect the result.

The different acoustical fingerprints of spaces combined with Jo Wangs musical impro-approach makes every session unpredictable and unique.

Former projects:

Between fingertip & key

The Album contains solo recordings where combination of recorded speech
/electronics is improvised upon playing a prepared piano. The prepared piano is recorded first take only. Phrases revealing bad technics or microphone stands accidentally hit to the studio floor is all recorded. 

"Released from its causal consequence the actual action becomes the attraction"

Microphones is placed as near as possible towards the piano keyboard it selves. This cause the sound of the fingertips hitting the keyboard to take important place in the musical picture.


I'altra beltà

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