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Songwriter, Keyboard player in several bands


Stubborn Kinsman

Progrock in the 80´s - a rare and not so successful timing

In 1982 i formed Bluster. Jon Ole Grønnhaug came along as a guitarist and fellow songwriter. Jonner´n boosted the band into something real. Parallelled with Bluster a cooperation with drummer  Per Espen Hagen evolved.  We formed a second project called Stubborn Kinsman. A series of band followed and Bluster went through many faces and names until it ended up as Kultus mid 1980s. The band dissolved as a symbol of all my musical activities  until now; The band went out without actually being anything other than a private sphere among the band members. My band career ended with Kultus as an private foundation without publicity or any real contact with reality. My early solo works was packed into something I called QPE - Quarter Past Eight. QPE followed me up to 1988 when we departed and I came out of the closet and became Jo Wang. I know Per Espen Hagen among others will put it this way: -QPE went into the closet and all that was left was Jo Wang. -


At a Green Isac rehearsal in April 2008


Green Isac Orchestre. At Frydenlund Studios 20 year anniversary - October 20, 2007 at Kampen Bistro, Oslo - there will be an unique opportunity to experience Green Isac live. The line-up for this very special occasion will be: Tov Ramstad - cello, Jo Wang - keyboards, Frode Larsen - percussion, Morten Lund - guitar and indian mountain dulcimer, Andreas Eriksen - percussion and electronics

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